supper and Study courses 2017   

The Adult Education Committee sponsors St. Paul's bi-annual Supper and Study program.

The below courses will meet on six consecutive Tuesday evenings in Lent, starting February 28 and going through April 4.


On February 28 the classes will be preceded by a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in Heavener Hall hosted by St. Paul's Jochebed Women's Circle. On subsequent Tuesdays, a catered dinner will be served in Heavener Hall for those who sign up to participate. 

The fee for each course, including five meals beginning March 7, is $62.

The course fee without meals is $12.

Please bring cash or check (payable to St. Paul's UMC) to the church office. 

Dinner begins at 6:45 p.m. in Heavener Hall with classes starting promptly at 7:15 p.m.

You can sign-up for any of the below courses by visiting the church office, or by clicking here

Note that the Renegade Gospel Class is now full. 


  • The Revelation to John

    The Book of Revelation is filled with mystery and bewilderment, yet it is as much God’s word as other books of The Bible. Learning to find beauty and comfort between these pages is the goal of this six week class. Using a guide written by Bruce Metzger, Breaking the Code, we will attempt to make sense of this puzzling book from the first century of the Christian era. 

    Teacher Dr. Robert J. Nordstrom is Branch Chief, Image Guided Interventions, Cancer Imaging Program at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. A student of The Bible for many years, Bob taught a course on the Gospel of Mark during Lent 2015, The Minor Prophets in 2015-2016, and a course on The Psalms in fall 2016.

  • the call:

    the life and message of apostle paul

    What would lead a first-century rabbi to travel for thousands of miles by sea and by land, to be beaten, imprisoned, and ultimately beheaded for his faith? It was a call – a call to turn the world upside down. We will delve into the story of the Apostle Paul, whose writings have shaped the lives of one-third of the world’s population, a man second only to Jesus in his influence on Christian faith, and whose witness defines what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Text by Adam Hamilton.

    Teacher Mark Huff led our Lent 2015 class, Revival, on the legacy of John Wesley.

  • trouble i've seen: 

    changing the way the church views racism

    Leading readers toward Jesus, Drew G.I. Hart offers concrete practices for churches that seek solidarity with the oppressed and are committed to racial justice. In this 2016 book, Dr. Hart discusses how issues like mass incarceration, antiblack stereotypes, and everyday acts of racism have impacted our social and religious landscape. How might the church be changed by the trouble we've seen? 

    Rev. Hart is a professor at Messiah College and a regular blogger at Taking Jesus Seriously hosted by The Christian Century at https://www.christiancentury. org/blog/hart

    We are able to accommodate two small group book discussions (6-8 persons each).


    Donna Engleman has been a member of St. Paul's for 4 years. She has taken many of the courses offered over this time, including the “Exploring Race” course last fall. Donna is a Kensington resident and works in management at the FDA.

    Anne Rush has been a member of St. Paul's for almost 6 years. She helped lead the “Exploring Race” class last fall and teaches history at the University of Maryland.

    Rev. Claire Matheny grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and has been Associate Pastor at St. Paul’s for 6 years. She is attempting to confront her whiteness and claim an antiracist Christian witness in the church and world.

  • Renegade gospel: the rebel jesus


    Who was Jesus, really? Wasn’t the central figure to the Christian faith a man who denied all preconceived notions about what God should look like? Wouldn’t associating with him have meant joining a rebel movement? Doesn’t it still? 

    Renegade Gospel is a church study that challenges believers to come to terms with the real Jesus - the rebel Jesus. The six-session program will be taught by St. Paul’s member Mike McCurry, who is an adjunct professor at Wesley Theological Seminary. The curriculum is designed by United Methodist Pastor Mike Slaughter and is approved for use by the UMC. Course enrollment is limited to the first 20 people who register. Topics include:

    • Discovering the Rebel Jesus

    • Revolutionary Lifestyle

    • The Most Important Question You Will Ever Have to Answer

    • Seeing Jesus Today

    • The Way of the Cross

    • Resurrection

    Mike McCurry joined the Wesley Seminary community as a member of its Board of Governors, then as a student (MA 2013) and now a faculty member teaching in the area of faith and politics, after 35 years in national politics and presidential campaigns including time as White House Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton. He co-directs the WTS-sponsored National Capital Semester for Seminarians (NCSS). Mike has been a leading lay member at St. Paul’s for many years and has led numerous classes and events.