Fall Study 2019

The Adult Education Committee is proud to sponsor St. Paul's 2019 Study Classes.

You may sign up for class only OR class + catered meal.

Dinner is served at 6:15 p.m.; classes begin at 7:00 p.m.

All class materials and books are included at no extra charge. 

Thank you for your interest! 

The online registration period ends September 8. 

Click HERE to go to the registration & payment page. 

You may also sign up on the sheets in the Narthex and pay with cash (exact change, please) or check (made out to St. Paul's UMC with "Study" on the memo line).

Sign up period is August 18 - September 8, or until classes are full. Please sign up early - once a class enrollment reaches the maximum number of seats, that class will not be able to accept additional participants. Please see more detail about classes in the descriptions below!

  • From the Projects to the Pulpit - 

    A Spiritual Journey through Black America

    6 weeks, Tuesdays (Sept. 10 - Oct. 15), 7:00-8:30 p.m.  

    Cost of class: $15

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners: $75

    In this course we will journey with local minister Reverend Don Marbury, who uses powerful poetry and prose to tell his story from his impoverished childhood in the Pittsburgh Hill District through his rise to corporate executive, and his decision to leave a life of fame to pursue a Master of Divinity at Wesley and serve as an AME pastor. Along the way, we will encounter lively characters, learn how he overcame a host of obstacles, and explore his deep faith that cannot help but inspire. Our texts include Marbury's book My People, My People, My God. Reverend Marbury will join us to read his poetry and discuss his journey during one of the class sessions.

    Led by Grace Graham and Anne Rush

    -- Grace Graham is a member of St. Paul's UMC and an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College in Art History and Photography. She co-led a Supper & Study Class with Rev. Adam B. Snell titled "Lent: Rich in Scripture, Abundant in Art" last Spring.

    -- Anne Rush  is co-chair of the St. Paul's Justice & Compassion Committee and Senior Lecturer of History at the University of Maryland. 

  • Galatians and Romans: 

    Bookends to Paul’s Ministry

    6 weeks, Tuesdays (Sept. 10 - Oct. 15), 7:00-8:30 p.m.  

    Cost of class: $15

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners: $75

    From his conversion on the road to Damascus in about 34 CE to his death in Rome around 67 CE, Paul was a dedicated and faithful apostle of Christ. We know him from his letters preserved in the New Testament. They show him as a man holding fast to a theology that would blossom into today’s Christianity. However, this was not without challenges and hardships. We will look at one of Paul’s first letters (Galatians) and his last (Romans) to see the struggles of the early church through his eyes.

    Led by Dr. Bob Nordstrom. Dr. Nordstrom is Branch Chief, Image Guided Interventions, Cancer Imaging Program at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. A student of The Bible for many years, Bob has taught a variety of courses at St. Paul’s, including the Gospel of Mark, The Revelation to John, The Sermon on the Mount & The Sermon on the Plain, and Jesus: From Prophecy to Praise. His recent course looked at the Book of Acts and the ministry of Paul.

  • Disciple IIB: Into the Word Into the World

    16 weeks, Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.

    beginning September 10

    Cost of class: $20

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners (Sept 10 - Oct 15): $80

    This year's 16-week class is the second half of Disciple: Into the Word Into the World, and will explore Luke and Acts in detail. The Disciple series draws upon the work of scholars, personal study, and dynamic group discussions to deepen our understanding of the Bible. (You do not need to have attended Disciple IIA last year to be able to participate this time.)

    Co-led by Vern Schinski and Nancy Holland

    -- Vern Schinksi is a retired Navy Captain and medical school VP who led mission and outreach programs for 20 years. He has been involved leading small groups and Disciple classes for many years.

    -- Nancy Holland is a retired special ed teacher and has also been involved in many mission and outreach projects. As a testimony to how she feels about the Disciple classes, she has taken all of them (most of them multiple times) and led many of them, as well as other Bible study classes.

  • Disciple I

    34 weeks, Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.

    beginning September 10

    Cost of class: $40

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners (Sept 10 - Oct 15): $100

    This year long survey of the Bible will reveal to you the major themes of our faith that connect the Old and New Testaments, culminating in a clearer understanding of our relationship with Jesus.

    Led by Rev. Dr. Adam B. Snell. Rev. Snell is the senior pastor at St. Paul's. He has degrees from Virginia Tech and Wesley Theological Seminary, and came to St. Paul's in 2007. He has a fervent desire to hear and learn what God has to say in the pages of the Bible. There is good news to be found through faith in Jesus Christ, and he loves sharing it with those that he meets along the journey. Rev. Snell lives in Kensington with his wife Susie. When not at St. Paul's, he enjoys golf and studying history. Email Rev. Snell at absnell@stpaulsk.org or call 301-933-7933 ext. 101.

  • Fuel For The Fight: 

    Revisiting Spiritual Disciplines


    No new participants can be added at this point. 

    Please consider signing up for one of the other Fall Study 2019 classes.

    6 weeks, Tuesdays (Sept. 10 - Oct. 15), 7:00-8:30 p.m.  

    Cost of class: $15

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners: $75

    Are you feeling ground down by the relentless stream of negative news cycles and demonizing social media drama? Already dreading the next election cycle? Do the words "exhausted, demoralized, hurting, downhearted, or just done" describe you sometimes? Spiritual disciplines are the means by which God sustains and feeds our souls so that we can embody the relentless in-breaking of God's justice, mercy, love and grace in a world that often feels unjust, merciless, unloving and graceless. In this class, we will explore lesser-know disciplines such as simplicity and celebrating, and breathe fresh life into well-worn practices such as prayer, meditation, and study. Each class will include a "practice time" component for us to experience our spiritual practice together as well as discussion and readings from the book A Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.

    Led by Rev. Kate Mackereth Fulton. Rev. Kate Mackereth Fulton is a Marylander born in Calvert County and raised in Frederick. She joined the St. Paul’s family in July 2018 after serving previously as a chaplain at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital and MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC. She holds MDiv (2017) and MA (2013) degrees from Wesley Theological Seminary and is a certified Mental Health First Aid practitioner. In Spring 2019, she taught the Lenten Supper & Study class "#YesAllWomen - Women of the Torah." Pastor Kate is passionate about ministry with those experiencing mental illness, social justice advocacy, pastoral counseling, and local and international missions. 



    We have not met the minimum number of participants to make this class feasible. If you want to sign up (and can find 5 friends to enroll with you!) please contact Meg Baker directly at mbaker@stpaulsk.org, or 301-933-7933 ext 104. Otherwise, please consider signing up for one of the other courses available.

    6 weeks, Tuesdays (Sept 10 - Oct 15), 7:00-8:30 p.m.  

    Cost of class: $15

    Cost of class with 6 catered dinners: $75

    Scripture tells us that the Word of God is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12). Colossians 3:16 encourages us to let the Word of God dwell in us richly. Yet, many of us struggle with just how to “let” this happen, let alone how to study the Bible for ourselves. We will explore various methods of interpretation, taking into account the historical contexts and biblical genres, and learn how to incorporate this life-giving spiritual practice into our daily lives. We will also learn how to use important biblical resources such as Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, and more. We will use a variety of books and articles, but our primary text will be Learning to Study the Bible by L.J. Zimmerman. The goal is to prepare ourselves to grow in the knowledge of God, to be transformed by his Word, and to experience his loving embrace and presence with us. 

    Led by Meg Baker. Meg Baker is a long-time member of St. Paul's who has served the church in a variety of capacities, from managing the Hunger Ministry and composing music for worship to serving in her current role as Director of Christian Education. She is passionate about faith formation across generations and in all areas of our lives. Mrs. Baker earned an MA degree from Wesley Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing her doctorate from the Institute for Worship Studies.