Weekly News

Click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter by email. The Weekly News includes the upcoming Sunday's scripture, a message from the senior pastor, questions to ponder on your own spiritual journey, a calendar of church activities, and announcements about upcoming events. It's a great way to keep on top of the numerous opportunities for fellowship, growth, and service at St. Paul's.

The Epistle Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, The Epistle from St. Paul's, provides details about many organizations and events. Click the link below to download a full-color *pdf version. Black-and-white paper copies are available for pick-up in the Narthex or church office. Contact the church office if you would like to receive a printed copy sent to your home through traditional postal mail.

The Epistle: MARCH 2017

The Epistle: FEBRUARY 2017

The Epistle: DECEMBER 2016 / JANUARY 2017

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