Meet the Staff

We are proud to serve at St. Paul's. We hope to see you around the church and in the community! 

After 32 years in ministry at St. Paul's and a total of 43 years of faithful service to Christ's church, Rev. Rick Buckingham is retiring. Please join us on Sunday, July 30 as we recognize his dedicated work

and then join us for a celebration at our church-wide picnic following worship. 

  • rev. adam snell - Senior Pastor

    Raised in Delaware, Rev. Snell has degrees from Virginia Tech and Wesley Theological Seminary, and came to St. Paul's in 2007. He has a fervent desire to hear and learn what God has to say in the pages of the Bible. There is good news to be found through faith in Jesus Christ, and he loves sharing it with those that he meets along the journey. Rev. Snell lives in Kensington with his wife Susie. His daughters Helen and Lucy are in college. When not at St. Paul's, he enjoys golf and studying history. Email Rev. Snell at or call 301-933-7933 ext. 101.

  • rev. claire matheny - ASsociate Pastor

    Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Rev. Matheny is a fourth generation Methodist pastor. She arrived at St. Paul's in 2010 after serving as a Chaplain Resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. God often calls her to the holy intersections of pastoral care and of social justice. Rev. Matheny preaches, teaches, and wears a multitude of ministry hats. She is married to Adam Noyce and they have two lively children. She is a graduate of Grinnell College (B.A. English), Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (MDiv) and Loyola University, Chicago (MSW). Reach Rev. Matheny at, or call 301-933-7933 ext. 103.

  • rev. rick buckingham - Minister of Education & Youth

    Rev. Buckingham hails from the Baltimore area with family roots that go back to the Revolutionary War period. A life-changing experience with the power of the Gospel has led Rev. Buckingham on a quest to de-mythologize and contextualize the Scriptures, and to foster the spiritual growth of young people. He is a Deacon in the church and has been part of the pastoral staff at St. Paul's since 1985. He holds a BA in Religion from Union College (KY) and a Masters of Religious Education from Wesley Theological Seminary. Email Rev. Buckingham at or call 301-933-7933 ext. 104.

  • N. Thomas pedersen - Director of Music

    Mr. Pedersen's music career began with performances as a child and he later earned praise for his "rich baritone." He has since led a finely tuned career as a conductor, musician, singer, and teacher. Mr. Pedersen directs the Sanctuary Choir and the Youth Choir, and provides guidance for other musicians and group leaders at St. Paul's. He is currently the Head of the Music Theatre division at The Catholic University of America (Washington DC). You can email him at or call 301-933-7933 ext. 108.

  • marvin mills - Organist

    Marvin Mills is an accomplished and renowned organist, pianist, and composer. His musical talents enrich our worship and special services. He is an active member of the District of Columbia chapter of the American Guild of Organists and is regularly invited to play for festivals, conferences, and clinics locally and throughout the United States. Mr. Mills can be reached by email at

  • Erin bone steele - Office ADministrator

    Erin Bone Steele began as St. Paul's Office Administrator in 2016. She has experience in office management in the university and financial banking sectors. She also holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and worked previously as an adjunct college professor throughout the region. She is now settled in Silver Spring MD with her husband Colin and two young daughters. When not at St. Paul's or walking in the woods, she volunteers and directs for several local theatres, including the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore. You can contact her at, or call 301-933-7933, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

  • sharon zeigler - Treasurer

    Sharon Zeigler and her husband Byron are long-time members of St. Paul's UMC. Mrs. Zeigler enjoyed a career managing the books for several major corporations with offices in Washington DC and joined St. Paul's staff after discovering that full-time retirement did not suit her. She is also active in the Lydia Circle and has learned to play bridge. Contact Mrs. Zeigler at or 301-933-7933 ext. 110.

  • tracey furman - Facilities Manager

    Tracey Furman is the Facilities Manager at St. Paul's. Tracey and her westie Aberdeen can be found at St. Paul's at all hours of the day and night ensuring the building is running smoothly. Email her at

  • micah smartt, Youth ministry assistant

    Mr. Micah Smartt recently finished his studies at Wesley Theological Seminary, with a focus on youth ministry. He enjoys cooking up fun projects and trips for the UM Youth Fellowship groups to deepen their spiritual connection to God and one another. He is also interested in church communications and branding, and completed an immersion program with the Lakota Indian Tribe of South Dakota. Originally from Texas and New Mexico, he now lives in Alexandria VA. Reach him at

  • Marco palma - Maintenance

    Marco Palma is a native of Guatemala and long-time Silver Spring resident. Always available to assist church members with their building needs, Mr. Palma can also patch, repair, or assemble almost anything. He is a fan of podcasts about pop culture, history, and current events.