hunger ministry

we are all about feeding people in body and spirit. 

St Paul’s Hunger Ministry feeds about 100 families in the 20895 zip code. We serve families who struggle to make ends meet and put food on their tables. 

On the first Sunday of each month, St. Paul's members and friends gather in Heavener Hall following worship to sort and organize donations. The following day, our clients who face hunger come to St. Paul's to receive grocery bags full of pantry staples, donated produce and bread, books for young children, and fellowship.

One thing we have learned: area food banks are desperate for help year-round. People respond well during the holiday season and food pantries fill to the brim. But as the year unfolds, the need grows and the shelves empty. To meet this need, the St. Paul's Justice and Compassion Team invites you to contribute generously each month. 


If you want to deliver food, have questions about donating groceries, 

wish to volunteer during distribution, or want more information,

contact the church office at 301-933-7933 or 

The office staff will get your message to our Hunger Ministry coordinators, 

and they'll welcome you personally and find the best ways for you to be involved!

We welcome non-perishable food, Safeway & Giant grocery store gift cards ($20), and financial donations any time. 

To help us provide fresh produce, scroll down for information about joining Hungry Harvest - use our updated code SPC25 to register as a St. Paul's participant and get 25% off your first order.

Food Donation Suggestions 

Non-perishable food items can be placed in bins in the church Narthex at any time. 

All donations are appreciated, especially cold and hot cereals, and those items listed below.

You can help streamline our process by packing a full bag with everything a hungry family needs. Please attach a number to your filled bag so we know it's ready to distribute - no additional sorting or packing needed. You are also welcome to include a message to a family wishing them well.

  Bag #1  

Rice - 1 bag or large box or 2 small boxes

Beans - 1 bag or 2 cans

Pasta - 1 box or bag

Pasta Sauce - 1 large jar or can

Mac & Cheese - 2 boxes

Chicken Breast - 1 or 2 cans

Tuna (or other fish) - 2 cans

  Bag #2

Vegetables - 3 cans

Fruit (including applesauce) - 2 cans or jars

Peanut Butter - 1 jar

Jelly or Jam - I jar or bottle

Soup - 2 or 3 cans


Please deliver donations to the church on Sunday mornings

or throughout the work week, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Food is sorted on the first Sunday of the month; food is distributed to families the following day. 

You can also help provide fresh fruits and veggies to our families. See information about Hungry Harvest below!

fresh Produce

through Hungry Harvest - Now with a Corrected Discount Code

We are able to provide fresh fruits and veggies to our Communion Collect families because we currently have members of the congregation signed up to receive their own produce, home-delivered each week through Hungry Harvest subscriptions. Hungry Harvest matches our subscriptions with a big monthly donation. 

In the U.S., 1 in 5 fruits and veggies goes to waste because of superficial imperfections (like a mis-shapen eggplant) or logistical errors (like a store over-ordering). Hungry Harvest works with local farmers to "reclaim" produce that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to subscribers. Hungry Harvest makes matching donations of produce to charitable efforts.

We need more St. Paul's folks to subscribe and to identify us as the recipient for matching donations. No matter what kind of delivery you sign-up for, St. Paul's will receive the credit. 

Be sure to use the Discount Code SPC25 so that you will be registered as a St. Paul's participant, and get 25% off your first delivery. (Please note this correction! Hungry Harvest initially gave us a code that wasn't entered properly on their end. If you tried to register without success before, please try again using SPC25.) Please share this corrected code with friends and family! 

Visit Hungry Harvest to learn more about Hungry Harvest's mission, delivery area, and sign-up options. 

emergency food assistance

In addition to our ongoing Communion Collect monthly food distribution, St. Paul's works with Bethesda Help to deliver a three-day supply of food on weekdays to Kensington area 20895 individuals and families within 24 hours of the request.


If your family needs an emergency delivery of food, please call 301-365-2022.

In addition to 20895, Bethesda Help serves other zip codes. Visit their website for more information about their supports and service area. 

Rise Against Hunger

The Justice and Compassion team is thankful for those who packed meal kits for Rise Against Hunger during our Great Day of Service event on April 30. Our 30,000+ meals were added to a shipping container with another 285,120 meals from the National Capital area warehouse and will be received for distribution by Convoy of Hope in El Salvador. Rise Against Hunger meals will serve 20,000 beneficiaries in El Salvador at 100 different feeding centers in areas where food insecurity is greatest.