Outdoor In-Person Worship

Sunday, July 19

8:45 a.m. - last names A-L

10:00 a.m. - last names M-Z

Reinhardt Park, Kensington

(directly across from St. Paul's front doors)

All other Sundays in July: worship-at-home recording available at stpaulsk.org/worship/worship-at-home, 11:00 a.m.

Dear St. Paul’s family –

We cannot wait to see you! 

We will be gathering for our first in-person(ish) worship since March this month! Save the date for July 19 at 8:45 a.m. (last names A-L) and 10:00 a.m. (last names M-Z). This will be a “beta test” for us, and if all goes well we hope to hold at least some of our worship services this way until it is safe to resume indoor worship together.

We want to be sure that EVERYONE who participates in this service can do so safely. Our Re-Entering Well Team and I have been collaborating on how best to do that, so these services will look and feel a bit different than normal in several ways:

First, we’ll be holding worship outside in Reinhardt Park (across the street from the front doors of St. Paul's) so there will be plenty of room to social distance – bring camping chairs or a picnic blanket so you can sit down and spread out! We’ll also be reserving parking on Armory Ave. from Mitchell St. to Knowles Ave. so high-risk members and families can park and participate “drive-in style” via their car radios. (Dismissal will be done by section in order to keep everyone safe and properly distanced!) Regular parking will still be available in the church lot, at the baker’s union and at Town Hall.

Second, we’ll ALL be wearing masks, since we want to keep the most vulnerable among us safe. If you’re not comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to stay in your car and participate “drive-in style” with the windows closed – but please be aware that we will not permit anyone to participate outside their vehicle without one. If you arrive and realize you forgot yours, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide one!

Third, we may not be able to sing our hymns together, but we will still have music! Members of our choir will be providing music throughout the service (and again, if you want to sing along, stay in your car with the windows up and belt it out to your heart’s content!)

Lastly, we WILL be celebrating Communion together – but since we cannot safely pass out bread and juice, we’re asking everyone to bring their own elements to be blessed at the close of the service, which you can then share in your car together or at home.

None of us could have imagined all that we have been through this year, but I am so grateful to be in community with you and four months apart, I am so looking forward to seeing (part of) your faces!


Pastor Kate

Pastor Kate

Medical Leave Plans

Pastor Kate shared in the February 2020 Epistle newsletter that surgery on her right leg will correct a chronic condition that has been present since childhood. Surgery for the left leg will follow this summer. She has additional procedures scheduled to treat carpal tunnel in both wrists.

Since Pastor Kate is unable to drive during the recovery phase following surgery, Pastor Kate and the Staff Parish Relations Committee are thankful for all those members and friends who donated to the Associate Pastor's Discretionary Fund to support Kate by helping cover the cost of transportation from her home in Virginia to work at St. Paul's.

Questions may be directed to Pastor Kate (kfulton [at] stpaulsk.org) or SPRC Chair Rachel Stalcup (rachelstalcup [at] gmail.com).

"Re-Entering Well"

A Message from Pastor Pat

The work of preparing to re-enter our space and life as a congregation cannot be completed by one person. Therefore we have created the Re-Entering Well Team of St. Paul’s Kensington to guide us in that work. The team members are Phil Rush, Steve Lillie, Laura Tribble, Nathan Bazawada, Dr. Hal Frazier, Marge Higgins, Tracey Furman, Erin Steele, Rev. Kate Mackereth Fulton, and Rev. Dr. Pat Allen. 

The work of this team will be to create the path and timeline in accordance with guidance from our episcopal leader Bishop Easterling and government officials, and input from the ministries of the church, that we might re-enter St. Paul’s Kensington well. 

Re-entering well is not synonymous with re-entering quickly, as we are committed to entering in a way that minimizes risk and preserves safety for all. 

The video message below (6:40 playing time) will also help St. Paul's members and friends hear more about the current state of the church and our early "Re-Entering Well" considerations. If you prefer to read a copy, the transcript is available: click here to down the message as a *pdf.