Gathered for worship.... Scattered for Service

Join us in Heavener Hall to shop these holiday "alternative giving" programs on Sunday December 2 and Sunday December 9 following each worship service. 

The Scattered for Service Craft Market featuring works by international Fair Trade Winds artisans will also have items available for purchase.

Peace on Earth, 

Food for the Hungry,

Education for a Child...

This year, give the gifts you've really always wanted!

Click HERE to download the 2018 Scattered for Service catalog.

An alternative gift through Scattered for Service is really two gifts in one: a gift to the people it helps and to the person it honors. Scattered for Service provides the opportunity for you to give a gift to the special people in your life that allows support of important missions in the community and the world. A personalized acknowledgement card will serve as the gift you give, and the ministry/agency will receive your financial support for use as directed.

How it works

Follow these simple steps and all your Christmas shopping will be done before you know it!

  1. On November 25, the Scattered for Service catalogs will be available during Worship. There will be more available in the weeks that follow, or download a copy by clicking HERE.
  2. Peruse the catalog. There are many organizations included in the catalog – ranging from Bethesda Help to the West River Center. Within each organization, there are specific items to choose from. Make your Christmas list and choose which item from which organization will go to the folks on your list.
  3. Come and shop in Heavener Hall on December 2 and 9.
  4. Fill out your order form with all of the gifts you’ve chosen (step 2 above).
  5. Give your order form to one of the workers at Scattered for Service. You’ll write one check for all of the items – to St. Paul’s.
  6. We’ll take your order form and prepare specific and personalized cards for each and every item on your list. You’ll walk away with all of your presents – ready to go.
  7. While you wait for the personalization, enjoy the Craft Market. A purchase of any of the items in the Craft Market will assist international artisans seeking independence and self-sufficiency.
  8. After December 9, the Scattered for Service team will compile all of the receipts and send a check and an accounting of the “items” purchased for each of the organizations.