Weather  Advisories

St. Paul's building and all St. Paul's activities (except for Sunday Worship) follow the Montgomery County Public Schools announcements for weather-related delays, closures, and cancellations. 

When Montgomery County Public Schools are on a "2-hour delay" day, the church office opens at 11:00 a.m. and any activities meant to begin before 11:00 a.m. will be canceled or rescheduled. 

When Montgomery County Public Schools are closed or weekend activities are canceled, St. Paul's is also closed and activities will be canceled or rescheduled. (The exception to this is Sunday worship; worship services will be held on Sundays regardless of other cancellations or delays.)

We update this web page with information regularly but you may also refer to or contact the leader of a specific activity for more information. 

Your safety is the first priority - please use your own best judgment before venturing out in inclement weather conditions.

Sunday Worship services will occur on our regular schedule.

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The Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign, launched in 2016, has one goal: to raise the funds for a building renovation that will improve our church's accessibility and worship/fellowship spaces.

The feel and functionality of our church is essential to our mission and service goals. It is an extension and reflection of who we are and it is the vessel through which we fulfill our commitment and connection to Christ. By altering and modernizing our inner walls, we can provide a more welcoming environment for visitors and our current members, shape a more accessible space for our community to gather, ensure our church is ADA compliant, and - maybe most important - provide more space for our ever-growing ministries.

Please read more about the Capital Campaign on our "Giving" page.

Click HERE to make a donation to the Capital Campaign

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