The Epistle Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, The Epistle from St. Paul's, provides details about many organizations and events. Click the link below to download a full-color *pdf version. Black-and-white paper copies are available for pick-up in the Narthex or church office. Contact the church office if you would like to receive a printed copy sent to your home through traditional postal mail.

The Epistle: SEPTEMBER 2022

The Epistle: AUGUST 2022

The Epistle: JULY 2022

The Epistle: JUNE 2022

The Epistle: MAY 2022

For older archive editions of The Epistle, please contact the church office.

Photos and publications

We want to show the world what the people of St. Paul's are doing, and we encourage our members to share our news and spread the Word as well. Our bulletins and the Epistle newsletter are available to the public, from visitors who walk through our doors to those visiting us through, and we use photos of St. Paul's building and people on our bulletin boards and on our website. We also have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. If you prefer your likeness not to appear in any of these places, please contact the church office. And of course, St. Paul's has no requirement that members participate in any online activity, nor control over what individual members choose to share on their personal social media platforms. 

Thanks for staying connected with St. Paul's, in so many different ways!


If you have an upcoming St. Paul’s-related event and want to let church members and friends know about it, you can create an announcement for the Sunday worship bulletin or the monthly Epistle. The person submitting the announcement will be assumed to be the contact person unless other information is provided. Please read the guidelines below to ensure your submissions will appear in St. Paul's publications.

Please email announcements and other material to Erin Steele in the church office at:

For the Sunday worship bulletin: All bulletin announcements must be received by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. The maximum length is 75 words and should include date, time, and contact information. Email Erin with in-line text or attachments, or leave a hard copy in the main office. Generally, we run items with specific deadlines or start dates for 4 weeks ahead of the event and make an effort to prioritize activities occurring in the next 2 weeks. For ongoing activities that run year-round or throughout a season, we will add, remove, or edit announcements as our layout and space allows.

For the Weekly News email and our website: Announcements submitted for the bulletin will be included on our website and may be included in an abbreviated format in the Weekly News email, sent out each Thursday. We make every effort to prioritize announcements with an event or deadline occurring in the next 2 weeks. Events scheduled later than that may be included in the Weekly News email as space and time permit.

For The Epistle: The Epistle is printed every month except for double-issues that cover July-August and December-January. You are encouraged to submit articles for the upcoming month and create save-the-date or preview items for events scheduled for two or three months ahead. Submit Epistle items to Erin Steele at no later than the 15th of the month. Each article should be about 250 words or less. Send Epistle content as a Word doc attachment with “Epistle Item” in the subject line. (Please help us identify Epistle content by following this rule; submissions provided in other formats or without the words "Epistle Item" in the subject line may be overlooked and accidentally omitted!) Graphics or photos, sent as attachments, are welcome. Paper submissions may be placed in the yellow “Epistle” folder on the desk in the main office. 

Things to note: There are no "automatic" announcements generated by the office staff for any of our publications. If you wish for an item to appear, please submit material using the information above. To ensure your news appears in both the Epistle and the Bulletin, items should be submitted separately. (Epistle announcements are not automatically included in the Sunday bulletins, or vice versa.) All items may be edited for length, clarity, or style. To discuss exceptions to the policies above, please contact Erin Steele in the church office. Epistles and bulletins are publicly available and posted online, therefore we print email and/or phone contact information but do not list home addresses. We love to include photos of people of all ages. We sometimes identify adults by name but, with a few rare exceptions, will not identify children or youth in photos by name.