ChurcH Conference Scheduled

Our annual church conference will be held Tuesday October 11, 2022 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. 

This is the annual “business” meeting of the local church where decisions are made about our church leadership, updating the church membership roll, hearing the report of the pastor and approving the clergy compensation packages. Since this is a church conference all church members are invited to attend and have a voice and vote. 

The reports that will be decided at the church conference will be made available electronically or by request for your review a week prior to the conference. Stay tuned for more information. Questions may be directed to Pastor Pat at

Summer Update

July 20, 2022

Pastor Pat has provided this 7-minute video to share news and updates with our whole community.

Scroll down or CLICK HERE to jump to the *pdf version of the Stewardship & Giving Update letter, sent by mail to our members and friends.

Welcome New Baby Andre!

A Note from Pastor Joey, July 31, 2022

Exciting news to share! We have added a new little one, Andre Thomas, to our family. We knew this would happen eventually, but these things always come in their own time. I also want to share with you our plan as approved by the SPRC: I will be taking 8 weeks of paternity leave while we adjust, bond, and settle in together, and will return in mid-September. I am grateful to have this important time and would appreciate your prayers and invite you to prayer for Pastor Pat and the entire staff as they fill in during my absence. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to continuing to get to know you just as soon as I return. 

Stewardship and Giving Update

Before the end of the month, our members and friends will receive a letter updating you on our church finances. 

You can also read the letter by clicking the button and opening the *pdf version provided here.

Pastor Pat's Stewardship Update Letter

THis Week's FAQ's

from Pastor Pat

July 17, 2022

When are we unmasking?

Currently the county transmissions rates are in the medium category and masking is optional in places. However with persons enjoying summer travel, adventuring out to public gatherings, and exposures of members both within and outside of the church, we will continue to mask in worship and many other activities until further notice.

It’s hard to contact staff by phone. Why can’t staff just work in the building?

Currently the administrative wing, music office hallway, sanctuary level and admin wing bathrooms and narthex are all undergoing renovation. Safety and liability concerns do not make opening the building to the public during the week feasible. Renovation projects also mean the phone lines will be disconnected at times. If you need to contact staff, please email them. (Go to Meet the Staff to find everyone's email addresses.)

When are returning to the baked bread and juice for our communion elements?

For the time being we will continue to use the all-in-one cups.

Clergy and Staff Schedules

While most of us are accustomed to a five-day work week schedule that includes weekends off, our staff schedule operates slightly differently because Saturdays and Sundays are often "work days" at a church. Additionally, staff frequently work in spaces outside the traditional office - from visiting hospitals and rehab facilities to serving on conference-wide UMC committees.

During the building renovation, all clergy and staff have the option of working from home (as we did during the early days of covid-19) and/or flexing their on-site hours to avoid peak construction times.

Please click here to find email addresses on our Meet the Staff page. 

Please note: staff and clergy are all off and the building will be closed on National, Federal, and State Holidays, the day after Easter, and in the event of inclement weather.

We hope the information provided below helps as you look to reach out and connect with your pastors and staff members.

Rev. Dr. Pat Allen
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday before noon (by appointment)
Sabbath Days: (except emergencies): Thursday beginning 12noon, Fridays all day, Sundays beginning 1pm

Rev. Joey Heath-Mason

Office Hours Monday - Thursday (by appointment)
Dr. Meg Baker
Mr. Micah Smartt
Dr. Erin Bone Steele

Sabbath Friday and Saturday
Dr. Meg Baker
Mr. Micah Smartt

Sabbath Saturday and Sunday
Dr. Erin Bone Steele

Office Hours Monday - Friday (by appointment)
Ms. Tracey Furman
Mr. Marco Palma

Holiday Schedule

St. Paul’s will be closed and staff will be unavailable on federal holidays, as well as for inclement weather. (We follow Montgomery County Public Schools' students announcements.) During our renovation this summer, there are no open office hours. All staff are available by appointment. 

Click here for more information about the office hours our staff and clergy generally keep. 

Email is the best way to reach us; click here to find staff email addresses and more information on our Meet the Staff page.

A Special Message from Pastor Pat

There are absolutely no words to adequately express how deeply touched and grateful I am for your overwhelming outpouring of love and support as my family and I grieve my dad’s death. Truly each and every card, every donation made in his memory has been the soothing and comforting presence that helps in times such as these. What a blessing you are to me!

-- Pastor Pat

February 6, 2022

Mask Update

From Pastor Pat

February 25, 2022

Montgomery County has relaxed its mandate for masks to be worn indoors. However, St. Paul will continue to mask as we gather. We acknowledge that some may be more than ready to rid themselves of masks and all things that seem to come between us and what have been familiar practices. We appreciate your understanding as we do our very best to care for all of God’s beloved, honor our call to do no harm, and create a sacred space for worship where all who desire may be a part.

Church Conference Reports

Sunday, October 17, 2021

1:30 PM by Zoom

The annual Church Conference provides a "state of the church" snapshot.

As in previous years, this Church Conference meeting will include multiple churches in our geographic cluster. All are welcome to attend. The Zoom meeting is managed by the BWC Administrator.

The packet available for download here includes reports and information that will be voted on at the Church Conference 2021. This includes the Pastors' Report, clergy compensation summary, membership updates, and the Lay Leaders and Committees nominations list. Click the button for the *pdf file.

2021 Church Conference Reports

The entire collection of all filed reports, as reviewed by the District Superintendent and leaders at the Conference level, is available upon request. Please contact the church office ( This includes additional information like facilities and accessibility assessments, the Congregational Profile from the Staff-Parish Relations Committee,  certification of Safe Sanctuaries compliance, connected clergy updates, and other information as requested by the BWC and the UMC.

Re-Entering Well: 

A Message from Pastor Pat

The work of preparing to re-enter our space and life as a congregation during the era of covid-19 cannot be completed by one person. Therefore we have created the Re-Entering Well Team of St. Paul’s to guide us in that work. The team members are:

  • Phil Rush
  • Steve Lillie
  • Nathan Bazawada
  • Dr. Hal Frazier
  • Marge Higgins
  • Tracey Furman
  • Erin Steele
  • Rev. Dr. Pat Allen

The work of this team will be to create the path and timeline in accordance with guidance from our episcopal leader Bishop Easterling and government officials, and input from the ministries of the church, that we might re-enter St. Paul’s well. Re-entering well is not synonymous with re-entering quickly, as we are committed to entering in a way that minimizes risk and preserves safety for all.