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St. Paul’s has traditionally had a large and varied program of youth ministries overseen by staff and volunteers. We continue to explore how to reimagine the youth group at St. Paul's. Anyone with specific ideas or willing to be part of our youth group leadership team is invited to email Pastor Joey (joeyhm@stpaulsk.org) or Pastor Pat (pallen@stpaulsk.org).

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Educational Award for 2024

At St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, we have a tradition of Educational Awards for graduating high school seniors who plan to attend college, university, or some other type of post-secondary education. 

As we have for the past 35 years, we are inviting graduating seniors to apply. The application deadline is Sunday, May 5, 2024. Only those who apply can be considered!

Click the button to go to the application.

Ed Award Application

These modest awards are a visible sign of the St. Paul’s community wishing our graduating seniors well and showing our support as they continue forward in their educational journey - a journey that we hope energizes, excites, and engages them in our world. We know the next step may come with lots of unknowns, but one thing we are sure of is God’s love for our graduating seniors and we are grateful for an opportunity to support them in this way.

An Educational Award Committee will use the following criteria in determining award recipients and amounts:

  • Academics – a minimum 2.5 grade point average is required.
  • Graduation from high school and what’s next.
  • The content of written statement of greatest personal accomplishment in high school.
  • Relationship with St. Paul's United Methodist Church.

Recipients of the Educational Award will be notified in early to mid May. 

Awards will be presented during the May 19, 2024 worship service at 10:30 AM, as part of Senior Recognition Sunday. 

Please contact Anne Dean directly or Meg Baker at mbaker@stpaulsk.org with questions.

Notes for the New Ones in Faith

Beginning Feb. 25, 2024

A note from Pastor Pat

We have seven young people engaging in the journey towards confirmation. Their journey is founded and focused on their relationship with God, their gifts from God, the many ways and places in which they might experience God; and the history of our denomination and our congregation. 

We all know that our faith journey is not one we travel by ourselves. We are all nurtured by the faithful ones who accompany us along our way. What a gift it is to know that you are supported by a huge village of believers! We want our confirmands to know how much you care. 

So beginning Sunday February 25 , 2024 through Sunday April 28, 2024, please drop a note of encouragement, a note with your favorite scripture, or prayer in the designated basket. Do NOT address the notes to the confirmands by name. 

These notes will be given to the confirmation class as part of their welcome into the church on Sunday May 19, 2024, Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday!

Confirmation Class

Each year, youth in Grade 7 or above who have not been confirmed are invited to join Confirmation Class.

Confirmation Registration

Registration for the 2024 class runs November 12-19. If you have not received an email from Pastor Pat with information about confirmation and you have 6th -12th grade child you would like to be confirmed, please contact Pastor Pat at pallen@stpaulsk.org by Nov. 19, 2023.

If you missed the info session or have questions, please contact Pastor Pat (pallen@stpaulsk.org) or Pastor Joey (joeyhm@stpaulsk.org) to ask about joining the class!

Confirmation Class 2024

Our next confirmation class will begin Sunday January 7, 2024. The 2024 Confirmation Class will be led by Pastor Pat and Pastor Joey.


Confirmation is a serious commitment requiring regular attendance, study, service, and participation in certain worship services. Classes introduce important concepts about our faith, church history, and our membership vows, and build connections across generations within our faith community.


Participants who complete confirmation classes and choose to become full church members will be received into membership during the 10:30 AM worship service on Pentecost Sunday, or another Sunday.


The exact series of dates and courses can vary year to year. 


The online signup form will be available when it's time to create the class roster. In the meantime, you can contact one of the pastors to express an interest in joining! Find our staff contact info at the Meet the Staff page.


Our next confirmation class will begin Sunday January 7, 2024. The 2024 Confirmation Class will be led by Pastor Pat and Pastor Joey.

Youth Ministry Next Steps:

Community Zoom Meeting

A community conversation to discuss the vision for our Youth Ministry was held on July 25, 2023 at 7:00 PM via Zoom. Parents, youth, children, and potential volunteers were all encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives. You can click the button to open and read Pastor Pat's summary of the meeting.


This YouTube video from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership at Wesley Seminary is still available to stoke the fires of your imagination:


If you have questions, suggestions, or wish to be involved, please contact Pastor Pat at pallen@stpaulsk.org

Youth Forms

For your convenience, we've moved sign-ups, registrations, applications, & payments online! Below you will find registration or sign up forms, information for events which require payments, surveys, and permission slips for events.

There are no current events requiring registration.



Congratulations to these graduating high school seniors from the St. Paul's community for reaching this milestone. We wish you all the best as you move boldly into the next chapter of your lives!


Kyle Carmen

*Delia Chen

Sage Crittenden

Meryl Docking

*Allison Griffin

*Kaitlyn Griffin

*Mattison Harvey

Will Holland

Luka Maxam

Hannah Molander

Kaiea Naehu

Raleigh Seabreeze

*W. Thomas Stephens

(* recipients of the St. Paul's 2023 Educational Award)

St. Paul's Educational Award


Many of our educational award recipients write with their thanks. We have received notes from:

Thomas Stephens

Kate Griffin

Allie Griffin

Matti Harvey

All express their gratitude! Their words will be shared in the October edition of The Epistle newsletter.

St. Paul’s, through its Council on Youth Ministries, provides an Educational Award annually to one or more graduating High School Seniors to help cover expenses for their next stage of life, whatever that may look like! 

Award amounts vary and are dependent on several factors, including available Educational Award funds and student responses to the application, which include academic and extracurricular achievement, need, and service to and engagement with the St. Paul's community. 

Only those who apply can be considered!

Award funds are made available through our generous donors and youth programming budget! To contribute to this fund, make checks out to St. Paul's UMC with "Ed Award" in the memo line, or go to the Giving page and scroll down to use the Additional Contribution Options, then type "Educational Award" as the designated fund or cause.

Since 1989, over $80,000 has been distributed to 120 college-bound students who have attended over 55 different college campuses in 18 states and the District of Columbia. 

Questions about the Educational Award? Contact Pastor Pat Allen at pallen@stpaulsk.org.

SPY News

Updates and news-to-know can be found right here. Be sure to sign up for the email newsletter, too!

  • Campership Financial Aid

    Did you know...

    We do a lot of great things here at St. Paul's Youth, and many are free or fairly inexpensive. However, we do have some events and trips that can cost quite a bit.

    We never want a youth to be left out because of money. St. Paul's has a scholarship/campership fund available to help individuals and families cover part or all of the costs associated with youth fellowship, retreat, camp, or service activities. 

    These events we attend can be life changing experiences and we don't want anyone to miss out! Don't let an activity's price tag hold you back. Contact Micah Smartt (msmartt@stpaulsk.org or 301-933-7933 ext. 111) to discuss scholarship/campership financial aid needs confidentially, one-on-one.

  • Youth CHoir update

    Our Youth Choir is looking to return... but not this fall.  

    Experienced youth singers may find a good fit in the Sanctuary Choir, which rehearses on Sunday mornings and sings each week for worship. For questions or more information, visit our website or email Tom Pedersen, Director of Music, at tpedersen@stpaulsk.org.

  • you've got (less) mail

    In an effort to cut down on some costs, streamline our flow of information, and to be a little more environmentally friendly, we've made the decision to stop production of the stand-alone printed SPY Briefing newsletter.

    From now on, we'll be putting all of our youth information into the pages of the church's monthly newsletter: The Epistle from St. Paul's. If you would like to be added to the Epistle mailing list, you can email Erin Steele in the church office at stpaulsunited@stpaulsk.org and a copy will magically show up in your real snail-mail mailbox about once a month. 

    We'll also be revising and updating this website regularly so it's up to date with more info and links to things.